Being Accepted

Being heard , understood and accepted are “ingredients” of one of the most touching alchemies that can support and even heal most of the living Human Beings on this plant , across Cultures , Background and status; in its essence , providing all of those “ingredients” could be so simple, while for some reasons that some of them are recognized and some of them are invisible for us.
Why is it so special to allow others to feel this Alchemy ?
When during the session will it be most useful ?
What are the challenges that are standing between us and Hearing another person,
Understanding them and accepting their Subjective experience?
How could we Master this art?

Insights of Closed Eyes

“it is only with the heart, that one can see rightly, what is essential, is invisible to the eye”.
The essence of water therapy is to encourage our receivers to devote themselves fully to The water, and by that, to us therapists as well. A different person, who is oftentimes a complete stranger.

Exile of Protection

Freedom and protection are 2 compensating phenomenons that unifies human nature, they are designed in each of us from the early age of our lives and being directly met through the session of aquatic healing. their dance is part of the universal language. like the water.

A Reptile Awakening

The reptilian brain is the deepest and most primitive part of the human brain, and still, the most instinctual part which dominates our nonverbal actions. Our reptilian brain reacts and responds at the moment and you are generally not consciously aware when this takes place.

Feeding Back

Words of feedback that are derived directly from our reality and experience are more important than any theoretical material, lecture, movie or documentary. Feedback is a gift to be given only by those who are kind enough to give.

The Pendulum Effect

connecting the thread between water healing The tower of Pisa and Mathematics? through the FlyDeeper Approach to movement in the water and therapy, we want to connect the dots together In 1602 Galileo Galilei, an Italian mathematician, discovered a law of nature that influences our aquatic healing art, just like the Mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, From …

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Singing bowls in the water therapy sessions

Creating a sound with the wooden part that part normally brings mostly the upper tone of the Bowl.
Creating a sound with a fabric part that usually brings emphasized quality from the lower tone of the bowl.
Playing the sound and making the bowls sing their song, are the more complex part of the singing bowls, which require more practice, as it gets even a bit more challenging to do when the fabric is wet and when the bowls themselves are wet then it will be easier to do with a wooden part.