the story


The Alma Mater of Aquatic Healing has been at the forefront of global training programs dedicated to aquatic bodywork and healing modalities since its inception in 2009.

Our unique journey began in the cradle of aquatic wonder, the Dead Sea, and its therapeutic hot springs, where the mineral-enriched waters and surreal landscapes served as our initial canvas. These natural blessings bestowed us with extraordinary buoyancy, sparking the inception of our training programs. Over the years, we’ve carefully crafted signature elements of aquatic bodywork and a distinct style that set us apart in the realm of healing modalities.

As we’ve expanded our reach, our commitment to delivering excellence in aquatic bodywork and holistic healing has taken us across countries and continents.

We invite you to join our community of seekers, healers, and visionaries who share in the profound and transformative practice of aquatic bodywork. At Fly Deeper, we empower you to explore the depths of your own potential, to heal and be healed, and to make a lasting impact in the world of aquatic healing. Welcome to a journey that transcends boundaries and immerses you in the art of holistic healing through the therapeutic embrace of water.

the name


“Fly Deeper” the name was born to encapsulate an experience that renders one speechless- in the water session, there is a distinct feeling of being weightless that offers a genuine sense of freedom in your body.

While you find yourself effortlessly discovering internal landscapes of your soul, deepening into inner fields of yourself that usually are not accessible, and therefore Fly Deeper is a short expression of what could be barely described in a novel.


“Alma Mater” is a term rooted in antiquity encompassing various forms of higher and post-secondary education. In Latin, it translates to “Nourishing Mother.” An archetype that resonates profoundly with the realm of water therapy, the heart of Fly Deeper.

The Founder, Ofer Rosenthal, fluent in three Latin languages and a graduate of an esteemed Alma Mater institution, found this term to perfectly encapsulate the essence of our school.

Much like a nurturing mother provides sustenance and care, our school, Alma Mater, is committed to providing the nourishment, knowledge, and support needed for our students to flourish and grow. This embodies the spirit of our institution and the profound connection we share with the healing power of water, making it a name that truly speaks to the heart of what we do.

the founder


Since 2005, Ofer has been devoted to aquatic healing arts.

World traveler, Curious Pisces, Manifesting Generator, fascinated by the poetic expressions of nature, Human body, and Behaviorism.
Special skill – connecting people.
Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and special education from the Universities of Bologna (Italy) and Porto (Portugal), since 2007, always a student.

Practitioner of Watsu alongside direct student of Watsu’s late creator Harold Dull.
Has gained the privilege to study with esteemed 25 aquatic healing teachers over the years, delving into a diverse range of complementary disciplines, expanding his knowledge and skill set in massage, Kinetics, Fascia Studies, movement, dance, Free Diving, Breathwork,  Buddhist meditation, Daoist philosophy, Mindfulness ethnology,  sound healing and more all of those specialties have been alchemized into “Fly Deeper” Method.

Ofer is Speaking fluent 7 languages
Based since 2020 in Koh Phangan.

The school offers a program including 100 hours of training for spa and resort facilitators and 320 hours of original content for certificate therapists.
With students from more than 30 nations, the institution has been operating internationally
since 2009.

the epiphany

“During my studies in psychology and special education, I was researching a way to create a genuine trustful connection with others that transcends beyond the spoken word of the classic methods, leaning to nonverbal communication and its subtle yet meaningful messages; along the time, I was practicing freediving, immersing into a deeper connection with myself, my spirit and nature.

 I was sent through the University to study a seminar about Dolphin assisted therapies in the Reef of Eilat; during that seminar, one faithful full moon night, I was invited to experience a water session; in that session, l surpassed for the first time my consciousness I felt a profound dissolution of self. That full moon night, life made more sense; as I sat to integrate in front of the sea and its mountains, life revealed a deeper sense of purpose, and I knew that this was what I am destined to share with the world.”

the invitation

Dive into a World of Healing

Join us on a voyage of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, where the therapeutic touch of water unveils the hidden treasures within. Fly Deeper welcomes you to experience the indescribable and to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

Explore our offerings and reach out to us for detailed information about trainings, events, and transformative therapy sessions.

into the depth

The Full Program

Become certified and equipped within 13 months