Releasing and letting go large intestine detox

Many of our organs are a pure genuine expression of letting go, the lungs are giving away waste of air 10,000 times a day, its partner organ in the metal element, the Large intestine 

 is definitely a perfect example of an organ that can either hold on to the old waist or give it away, every day, there is a new opportunity to make such a meaningful change for the whole system.

We consider the human body to have 2 brains, the one that is in the head and the one that is situated in the belly, the one that is in charge of the way we digest life, that one that influences our rhythm, our lifestyle, our urges, our needs, in it dwells most of our Bacterias, they are 10 we have 10 times more bacterias than body cells, they hold 90% of our DNA.

they are in charge of most of our immune system and reproduce 9 generations every hour. 

they are to be highly considered.

A main stage of attention in the early days –

coming back to the earliest days of our lives, we young babies, it seems that our whole life is based on the quality and quantity of poop that comes out of us, this is our main way of performance and the main thing that we get evaluated for :

“waw so much poop” “oh no… no poop” “why didn’t you make it “ “finally you made it” “oh no you made too much “ oh no you made too little”…

a big piece ‘ literally of our relationship with our parents, on the way that we could make them happy, proud or worried is based on our pooping skills. 

as young kids, it continues with our ability to go to the toilet and stop using the diaper, then avoiding dirty underwear, being able to go to the toilet without the help of our parents, and avoiding making mistakes as we sleep in a bed.

some of our young most embarrassing moments are related to looseness within the large intestine that later can be so deeply covered with shame, as much as we letting loose again will take a long process of overcoming deep old fears.

Releasing and letting go large intestine detox

Bowel Issue – a popular and secret topic, hiding and dealing with. 

A large range of bowel and large intestine diseases and autoimmune diseases are becoming more and more popular; Gout, celiac, cancer in the Large intestine is number 3 in the most common ones, irritated colon, and many more.

some of them are physiological and could be either based on genetics or on the none favored alimentation with a great lack of fiber and sugar-free liquids, and others are clearly psychosomatics.

the intestine is made of the number of septa that are the same amount as our vertebras

its main functions are very much emotionally related

absorption of water, since water is being represented in emotions, we can see the correlations between them,  absorption of minerals, and decision (this muscle is involuntary ) making about letting go of things that don’t serve us anymore.

within the practice of letting go of old irrelevant material, releasing control, and surrendering to the flow, losing the Large intestine is one of the best-accentuated actions that could amplify the wholeness of the treatment.

are s In the large intestine, there are 24 pressure points where we can work on and it has the same number of turns as the number of vertebrae in our spine.

it is essential 

Releasing and letting go large intestine detox

to have our palm and wrist loose and to allow the energy to flow in a comfortable way, therefore we thrive to have our hand straight, if that means to stand on the opposite side, it will be preferable.

If you want to know about The sovereignty of letting go

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