Abdominal Massage During water Therapy Session

Abdominal Massage is a major factor of all the ancient hands-on therapy, as well as FlyDeepr Aquatic healing art, since i understood better the essence of abdominal massage, I understand better the bigger picture of well being, in this article few of the Meaningful Benefits of Abdominal massage while floating will be presented

Our inner organs can be loose from the gravity

the organs are in a relieved state from that which pulls them down while they are detached from the spine via fascia.- each one of our inner Organs is attached through the Fascia, to the Peritoneum and some of them to the Spine, itself to signal information to the nerve system and the endocrine system when Gravity doesn’t apply, we can potentially offer bodywork to the system in a unique state. +Liberty to the peritoneum -the serous membrane that forms the lining for the abdominal cavity and its organs. Including all of the singular organs within it (as mentioned in Part 1) will experience more liberty than any other moment while gravity applies in its natural way, including when we lay down and sleep.


It’s an optimal way to connect to the water element within the 5 elements system of Chinese/Japanese medicine-

the quality of flow, of the moment of the peristaltic ongoing flow, of the liquids that flows between the organs, are the main principles to overcome stagnation. +In the grace of the warm water, the parasympathetic Nerve system operates well and offers a meaningful encounter with the Visceral system 🥞.

With the TRUST that the water allows the vulnerable belly “de armor” itself and accept a full touch.

for release and allowance to be touched in the belly we require a good amount of trust- in the unique states of trust that are being established during the water therapy, we manage to generate trust in touch and trust in the good willing, allowing touch over the belly is special and requires acceptance, that has been ACQUIRED. +The positive, profound, immediate, non-sexual intimacy, that is being created in such depth during the water therapy allows both of the facilitators to allow their hand to sink so deeply into the receiver’s body, as much as for the receiver to allow the process to happen.

We can access easily 3 dimensions of the belly unlike table massage

The organs are within the belly from the front and the back, unlike a massage on a table where we can access only the front or the back at once, in the water we can access both Simultaneously

detox can happen more easily

while the muscles are more relaxed and the system dwells in the PARASYMPATHETIC state, the body can PERFORM its natural detox in a beneficial way
+Our abdominal organs or in its formal name the Visceral System is made mostly of LIQUIDS, soak it in Liquids will initiate positive deprecations (ripple effect 🌀).

The belly is just in front of us during the session.

we are by the center of the body is a big part of the water therapy, along all of its techniques, facing the belly, throughout the breath, and its process allows a deeper connection

The belly represents the emotional world

usually is being affected by our strong emotions (butterfly in our belly 🦋 in the good case or dysfunctional reaction in cases of fear, grief, sadness, and such ) during the water therapy that opens many emotional Gates in our system, coming in touch with our emotional Organs make so much sense.

Water therapy is an emotional therapy and the belly is the archive of emotions.Practiced within the jungle, in the warm water from the waterfall of the island , This is another one of the great benefits of shallow water , that it holds heat most easily (more benefits of shallow water in the next post) , we practiced with our tribe and shared the experience with few guests from multi national origins, the magic of Koh Phangan Island

While the whole jungle was breathing with us in the background.Flydeeper technique promotes belly massage in few different lineages of therapy and healing such as chines medicine , taoism , Osteopathic approach.

pictures were taken in real time during FlyDeeper Classes in 4 different locations by Cameron- Roots to Rise – Instagram, Peter Cross- Inhale with Peter Cross, and Ofer Rosenthal Fly_Deeper

The water is the greatest reminder to forgive, and let go⛲🌧️

may this simple reminder from nature will permeate into our subconscious mind that chooses to retain on certain occasions longer than needed. and may we all act respectfully to the emotional world and archive, of ourselves and all of our relations

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