Dive into Transformation: Integrative Water Therapy Session

Immerse Yourself in Personalized Healing journey ,tailored to your needs
Infusing techniques of Hydrotherapy, massage, mindfulness and more
Meet your deeper self through the water

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90 Minutes Session

Starting with a 30-minute focused conversation to build a deep connection and trust. Tailored to your specific needs, each session is a unique journey towards rejuvenation.


Series of Sessions

Maximize the impact of each session by embarking on a shared journey for deeper, lasting results


Pregnancy Support

From the second trimester through birth, pregnant ladies find comfort and well-being in our sessions.


Infant Development

Accelerate your baby's development through well-studied practices that enhance physical and neuro-muscular development, as well as communication skills through water interaction.

Benefit from Our Water Sessions


Physical Well-being

Experience relief from gravity-based ailments through the therapeutic effects of water.


Emotional Wellness

Overcome trust and connection issues; our integrated water therapy is an optimal way to face the fear of water.


Nervous System Support

EEG tests reveal the substance-free impact of floating in skin-temperature waters, promoting improved sleep and enhanced nervous system functioning.


Digestive System Health

Our certification program specializes in digestive system support in the water, providing targeted relief.


Where and When?

  • Ideal Environments: Our sessions take place in clean water, maintained at a soothing 35°C—whether in natural sources like special springs and seas or meticulously crafted man-made pools adhering to our quality standards.

  • Global Reach: Fly Deeper practitioners are located worldwide. Send us your request, and we’ll be delighted to accommodate your needs.

Water Therapy session

What is a water session?

Water session is an upgraded version of Bodywork/Massage , the receiver is laying in warm water, that allows the body and the mind to experience the ideal environment for healing, development and even journeying.

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Why Choose A Fly Deeper's Integrative Water Therapy?

  • Tailored Design: Begin with a personalized conversation, ensuring your session caters to your unique needs on that particular day.

  • Versatile Experiences: Depending on your preference, float effortlessly above water or combine a holistic underwater experience. Enjoy sensorial stimulations and an integrated closer for a comprehensive therapeutic encounter.

  • Deeper Results: Embark on a series of sessions to unlock profound results, reaching states comparable to the transformative ‘Gestalt’ phenomena—where the whole exceeds the sum of its parts.

Dive into Healing

Elevate your well-being with A Fly Deeper’s Integrative Water Therapy

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