Infuse Your Retreat with Aquatic Healing, with Fly Deeper water therapy experts, Promising an upgraded Experience to your clients

Connects to Koh Phangan’s natural beauty

Become part of the global network of aquatic group practices

Complements your existing wellness program, offering a complete approach to health

Linking to the locality through the transformative sea

Community Building- Share unique experiences and create lasting connections.

Immerses yourself in nature; let serene surroundings enhance your retreat

The Power of Aquatic Healing

Aquatic healing practices encompass a range of water-based activities designed to promote an overall sense of well-being

Koh Phangan became, in recent years, an active international hub for aquatic experiences.
With a growing global community and visitors from all continents that come to share, experience, and explore the
diverse array of water-based activities, your group will be introduced and infused into a memorable experience and become part of the growing global network

Extraordinary experiences

Create unforgettable memories


Aquatic healing in group

A guided practice for your group that will offer and receive from each other a tailored experience from the leading FlyDeeper team.


Dance in the water

Fostering freedom in the body is one of the main reasons to come to the island; through guided practice, we will explore freedom and movement and its elevated state of consciousness.


Breath holding in the water

“Breathing practice is important for everyone that is living.” J.Nestor, let's bring breath and breath holding to the water and explore a whole new dimension to that experience to retain meaningful epiphanies.



Sounds healing- "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration." N. Tesla, Water is the best conductor of sound in nature, infusing both with ultrasonic vibrations.

Exile of protection

Mindfulness and floating meditation

The water offers soothing biofeedback to our entire body. It is known that floating in it reduces the brain frequencies like meditation does, while faster and doesn't require past experiences.

Flydeeper global community

Nature immersion

Get lost in nature & you will find yourself- we will take you to some of the most unique spots in Koh Phangan for self-discovery.

Financial Benefits

Investing in your team’s professional development through our healing modalities training is a strategic move for your business’s financial growth.
Offering our services positions your spa or healing center as a distinguished provider of wellness solutions, attracting a broader clientele and expanding your market reach.
Embracing this specialized offering can lead to substantial returns on investment and long-term financial success.


Increased Revenue

Aquatic healing attracts a broader audience, potentially leading to more bookings and higher Return on Investment.


Premium Experience

Offering aquatic healing as a premium service allows for higher pricing, positioning the retreat as a unique and sought-after destination, which can lead to increased profitability.


Holistic Wellness

Aquatic healing enhances the overall wellness experience, fostering guest satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in higher occupancy rates and positive referrals, ultimately boosting the retreat's financial performance.

Our Lead Facilitators

Masters in healing arts

Our team of lead facilitators is a group of seasoned experts with extensive experience in the realm of spa and therapy worldwide.
Their passion for this ancient art is only matched by their dedication to imparting their knowledge to others.

From mastering the intricacies of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy techniques and healing techniques to explaining the healing benefits and facilitating your team into an designated guided practice with comprehensive and coherent

Pioneering the Way for Water Therapy

At the heart of our school lies our visionary founder, who pioneered the unique method of water therapy we teach today.

With years of research and practice, our founder has refined this transformative approach, combining traditional healing wisdom with modern insights. By studying under our founder’s guidance, our students gain access to a time-tested and cutting-edge curriculum that sets them apart as experts in the field of water therapy.

Upgrade your retreat

Ready to embark on this holistic journey?

Overall, enhancing retreats and group experiences in Koh Phangan with aquatic healing can offer participants a transformative and enriching journey, promoting relaxation, mindfulness, well-being, and a profound connection to both themselves and their natural surroundings. It also opens up exciting opportunities for retreat organizers to create unique and financially successful offerings.

Contact us today, we will get back to you in 48 hours with the ideal logistic solution and a price quote matcing your group’s needs


FlyDeeper is all about attention to detail and the concept that ‘less is more’. It trusts in the inherent healing potential of water. The water therapist is fully present and aware of the particular needs of the receiver in the moment. The provider works with the water to offer an intuitive, personalized experience. 

~ Training without a sequence
~ Focusing on intuitive action with presence
~ A slow rhythm of practice based on nonverbal communication
~ Particular attention to the emotional aspects of aquatic therapy
~ Focus on the needs and authentic expression of the receiver
~ Emphasis on the self-process of the givers
~ Mapping of the emotional reactions in the body
~ Incorporates the entire sensory system in the therapy
~ Develops sensitivity to the emotional reactions in the body
~ Attention to the issues of intimacy, sexuality and ethics
~ Functional anatomy and fascia therapy – theory and practice
~ Focus on the use of the legs to amplify the therapy
~ Works with spiral-based movement for healthy economy of energy
~ Fuses the qualities of a retreat with the professional training
~ Involvement by solidarity
~ Worldwide FlyDeeper community
~ Sharing, support & group forums
~ Shallow water practice, above and underwater
~ Natural water sources, such as hot springs and warm seas
~ Water rituals including singing bowls, chanting, etc.

Our activities are designed to promote relaxation, self-discovery, physical well-being, and mental clarity, enhancing the overall retreat experience and offering transformative moments.

Yes, our activities are suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Our skilled instructors adapt sessions to meet individual needs.

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to select activities that resonate with you. We encourage you to explore and personalize your retreat experience.

Let’s start from filling in the form in this page! Our retreat coordinator will contact you for assistance in choosing and scheduling your preferred sessions.

Both options are available. You can participate in group activities, enhancing the sense of community, or opt for personalized individual sessions for a more tailored experience.

We strive to accommodate all participants. Please inform us of any special requirements, and we will work to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Many past participants have shared their positive experiences, highlighting how these activities have enriched their retreat and brought about personal growth.

Certainly! Our friendly team is available to provide more information, help you choose activities that suit your goals, and make your retreat experience exceptional. Fill in the form!

Absolutely; in the tropics, the weather could be a major game changer and could change in the day; the activities are offered based on the season and with pre-agreement about the risk of change.

into the depth

The Full Program

Become certified and equipped within 13 months