transform every day into sensorial festival

Join us for a 7 days retreat Stimulate all your senses Experience your bodywork like you never did before

Located in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Expanding awareness to each sense through embodiment and knowledge

A Well Crafted experience - 7 days, 32 hours hours journey between stimulations to consciousness

Diving deep into the magic of water as a healing medium

Delightful blend of theory, practice, and guided activities

Enriching our daily life through the senses additive to any situation


Each day is like a different chapter of your sensory story

A jam-packed schedule of seven days, and it’s not your typical spa vacation – though we promise it’s going to be a lot more memorable!
Our program is designed to give you the best of both worlds: theory and practice, in and out of the water.

We’ll start with an opening day (Day 1) and end with integration (Day 7)

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Day 2: "Silence is Golden"

On our first day, we're turning the volume down. We'll be sporting earplugs all day, and you'll quickly realize that silence speaks volumes. It's a day to fine-tune your visual senses and learn the art of diagnostic and transmission without words.


Day 3: "Fasting Fiesta"

Prepare your taste buds, because we're going on a collective fasting adventure. In place of meals, we'll tantalize your sense of smell with Hydrosols and aromatic oils, awakening the subconscious mind.


Day 4: "Hands Off"

Get ready for some aqua self-lovin' and exotic Thai flavors. It's a day of self-practice in the water, followed by a feast of tantalizing Thai cuisine. No touching allowed - except to savor those delicious bites!


Day 5: "Blindfolded Brilliance"

We're diving deep into the world of touch therapy with our eyes wide shut. Expect some enlightening epiphanies as you explore the power of touch without relying on sight.


Day 6: "Sonic Dive"

Our grand finale involves an aquatic concert. Get ready to listen like you've never listened before, all while foregoing your sense of smell. It's a day of deep sonic exploration, a symphony of senses, and some intriguing discoveries.


Join us in exploring the senses

So, if you're up for a week of sensory surprises and self-discovery, get ready to dive in. Your senses are in for a treat!

Retreat Objectives

The “Senses Odyssey” is not your average stroll in the park. This adventure has a clear-cut mission: to be your gateway into the world of water medicine, turning it into an all-encompassing experience.



Sensory Perception Transformation

Give you a firsthand taste of how each of these senses can radically shift your perception of reality. It's like seeing the world in a whole new light or hearing it with fresh ears.


Daily Life Enhancement

Help you add some serious spice to your daily life by mastering the fine art of savoring every single moment through your senses. Imagine turning your morning coffee into a multisensory masterpiece.


Sensory-Enhanced Water Therapy

Equip you with practical skills that will supercharge your water therapy techniques by tapping into the five senses. No, we won't teach you to taste the water, but we'll show you how to make the most of what your senses can do.


Altered States Exploration

Take you on a one-of-a-kind journey that explores the doors to altered states of consciousness.

Unveiling the Retreat

Fly Deeper | Crafted Group Experience

Water, with its exceptional and mysterious  properties, has the unique excellence to emphasize and withdrawal our senses simultaneously; while floating, a bubble of optimal, hypnotizing silence, covers our ears and takes us away, water is also the best conductor for sound in nature it carries sounds of whales hundreds of KM away and allows us to sense sound vibration like nothing else.
Our skin isolates to frictions while we flow on soak in any form while we become more sensitive than usual, those are great symbols of the polar gifts of this unique element.

John C Lilly, a doctor that invented the “floatation tank”/sensory deprivation tank found a scientific way to achieve what he states “non disturbed consciousness “ – serene and peaceful.

In this Retreat/Seminar, we will learn into practice the well-crafted essences and deeply studied aspects of the Fly Deeper Method.

Every day we will deprive one sense: closed eyes, fast, not touching, fasting, tapping our ears…And on the same day, we will increase another sense with the exotic tropical senses of Thailand.as individuals, and with a partner to improve our sense of trust and authentic expression.

Nature is the supreme reminder of our inner abilities to go beyond. Being in Nature for a few days allows paradigms to shift.


Retreat Structure

Just like our other acclaimed programs at FlyDeeper Academy, this training offers a dynamic blend of theory and hands-on water practice, all under the guidance of experienced instructors. But here’s the twist – this course has a retreat-style flavor, so you’ll also have structured time for feedback, sharing, and integration.

Our journey will start with a soft ceremonial opening shorter day that sets the connective and safe feeling, and it concludes with a closing day that’s designed to put a thoughtful bow on this unique experience.

In between, we’ll spend the core five days diving deep into the art of deciphering the messages of water and our senses, guided by international experts.

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a certificate. It’s important to note that this course won’t turn you into a certified water therapist, but it’s a treasure trove of advanced knowledge in its own right. If you’re interested in the full therapist certification, you can continue your training with us.

This course is a heartfelt tribute to the late, great Dr. John Lilly, who expanded the boundaries of human consciousness. It’s also a tip of the hat to the assembly of teachers who’ve illuminated the profound depths of water therapy, showing us that it’s far more than just a technique – it’s a journey into the expansive layers of the human experience. 

Lead Facilitators

Masters in healing arts

Our team of lead facilitators is a group of seasoned experts with extensive experience in the realm of spa and therapy worldwide.
Their passion for this ancient art is only matched by their dedication to imparting their knowledge to others.

From mastering the intricacies of physiotherapy, hydrotherapy techniques and healing techniques to explaining the healing benefits and facilitating your team into an designated guided practice with comprehensive and coherent

Pioneering the Way for Water Therapy

At the heart of our school lies our visionary founder, who pioneered the unique method of water therapy we teach today.

With years of research and practice, our founder has refined this transformative approach, combining traditional healing wisdom with modern insights. By studying under our founder’s guidance, our students gain access to a time-tested and cutting-edge curriculum that sets them apart as experts in the field of water therapy.

Dive in

Join us in this homage to the wisdom of the water and the visionaries who’ve paved the way.

Diving deep into the magic of water as a healing medium, all while gaining a profound insight into the realms of consciousness and reality.

Grab your passport to the extraordinary and let’s embark on this unique odyssey together!

Fill in the form and we will get back to you within 48 hours with additional info and registration proccess.


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This retreat is about deepening sensory exploration and self-discovery, sprinkled with professional formation. We’ve concocted a delightful blend of theory, practice, and guided activities to tickle your senses and nurture your personal growth.

Because we firmly believe that it takes a little time to truly immerse yourself in the magic of sensory exploration and self-discovery. Plus, it gives you the perfect excuse to take a mini-vacation from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Absolutely! We’re all about striking that perfect balance. You’ll get to dip your toes into theory, expand your knowledge, and then jump into the water for hands-on practice. It’s like the yin and yang of retreats, and it’s what makes our program unique.

The opening and closing days serve as the bookends of your transformative journey. You’ll set the stage on the first day and wrap it up with a thoughtful reflection on the last day. It’s like the warm-up and cool-down exercises of your retreat experience.

Absolutely! You have the flexibility to select activities that resonate with you. We encourage you to explore and personalize your retreat experience.

Let’s start from filling in the form in this page! 

We’re here to up your game, not just in sensory exploration but in forming a deeper understanding of the professional side. We’ll share insights, provide feedback, and help you integrate everything you’ve learned into your practice.

This week is intended to be dedicated to yourself. It is considered a workshop and not a formation or a course, and you will get certification for attendance that does not declare you as more than you already are.

From this retreat, you will NOT become a therapist, while if you end that week with the flavor and wish to dive into the world of Aquatic healing, you will be welcome to join the full program “Into the Depth.”

You might encounter unexpected delights that will add a dash of extra magic to your journey.

Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to answer any lingering questions. We’re here to make your sensory exploration retreat as exciting and insightful as possible!

into the depth

The Full Program

Become certified and equipped within 13 months