pregnancy and water

Pregnancy and water; feeling Weightless, Supported

Feeling supported during pregnancy is essential, and it brings a profound sense of lightness to both the body and mind.
As you immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of the water, a magical treat awaits- the sound of your baby’s rhythmic heartbeat becomes even more profound.
Floating in water during pregnancy offers a transformative experience, enveloped in high vibrational energy.

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Being Accepted

Being heard , understood and accepted are “ingredients” of one of the most touching alchemies that can support and even heal most of the living Human Beings on this plant , across Cultures , Background and status; in its essence , providing all of those “ingredients” could be so simple, while for some reasons that some of them are recognized and some of them are invisible for us.
Why is it so special to allow others to feel this Alchemy ?
When during the session will it be most useful ?
What are the challenges that are standing between us and Hearing another person,
Understanding them and accepting their Subjective experience?
How could we Master this art?

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