Exile of Protection

Freedom and protection are 2 compensating phenomenons that unifies human nature, they are designed in each of us from the early age of our lives and being directly met through the session of aquatic healing.

their dance is part of the universal language. like the water.

during the session in the water, we encourage our receivers to move freely in their space, we wish to let them feel, safe enough to allow their body to react in its natural, authentic way in front of us, self-expression with grace, in such an intimate state could not be taken for granted, we are witnessing a genuine moment, we are blessed with the opportunity to do so.

the protections that are being provided allow the freedom to unfold, it takes us all the way back to the origin of our being. as the soul takes its time to reveal, like the petals of a flower.

we are flowing in between those 2 qualities, as babies, we are born with the capacity to know trust and faith in others, the safe conditions to maintain this Trust is carving our life’s path where the river of freedom will be flowing.

This duality of 2 sides provides each other life, creating the structure where we can touch the essence that our soul longs for the ability to move and express itself freely on one hand while it always knows that the protection, our basic instinct, is being fed and taken cared of constantly.

protection is a basic need that our reptile brain is seeking through our subconscious mind, The sense of Protection is the conductor for freedom, the Redemption, protection allow exposure.

in the water, protection is mostly being expressed by keeping the breathing area above the water and keeping the head away from the shoulders, which means that the body can express in so many ways except allowing itself to go to those points where it is not safe anymore.

water comes and goes from the breathing area

being free enough to move as much as we want, using the water language of the fluidity of boundlessness of playfulness of a child, creating space for their needs to be explored and expressed which will reveal the essence of their being that the water allows and the spirit is longing for.

dance like a child

in one of the Flydeeper Training- “liquid roots”, in the water Temple Liquid Zome In Portugal in October 2017, we started by ascending a fire as a symbol for those days that just passed.

when taking care of fire if we will feel it with too many leaves and branches, if we will not permit it space to breathe, the air will not pass through, the oxygen will stop feeding the fire and it will turn off, if we will not attend the fire it will turn off, like with the fire as with the water, we are looking for this fine space of attending it while allowing it to grow and live.

heard from the feedback of ongoing processes from a variety of therapist and my own experience; encouraging our patients to express themselves freely through their breath, through their body, is a breakthrough, (see the article about the authentic movement)https://flydeeper.org/who-is-the-leader-in-the-healing-sessions/

Providing the healing space in the water we are invited to be like the good enough mother that Donald Winnicott describes (the Good Enough mother theory), a protected figure that will give the ongoing reassurance that the receivers are always safe, as far as they will flow into their experience,

through the fusion of gentle nest and assertiveness of the safe grounding of ongoing reassurance invites eventually the subconscious mind to release control and surrender to the flow, of love

welcoming gracefully expression of breath, of authentic movement, being seen and accepted, to let the body express itself while we keep on reassuring all the time that are in a safe comfortable place that allows them to Flydeeper,

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