Fly Deeper facilitators program

the pleasure to support others feeling trust , connection and freedom

Professional Aquatic Therapy Training
The FlyDeeper Academy offers a progressive program of 9 seminars and programs both for the ones that wish to transform water healing into their profession. 

Professional Aquatic Method.
Designed to Offer fascinating materials, connected to our everyday life, through subtle aspects with a poetic twist,

some modules are open for all levels, others are advanced, all with the scope of a genuine connection, self-discovery, and collective trust.

FlyDeeper Teachings offers ;

Aquatic Healing, a Global Community
& Collective Growth

Retreats and Group experience around the world The professional aquatic training courses contain the essence of a spiritual retreat with the fundamental elements of aquatic therapy.  Global community and Collective Growth FlyDeeper contributes to the global movement of collective growth through self-realization, by its integral offering of  intentional healing, well-being and an opportunity for transcendence into everyday life , with a support of international community

Becoming Fluent

an online program designed to enhance the subtle skills of professional practitioners of healing modalities

Liquid Roots

the Fly Deeper Academy Flagship-Open for all levels, Fundamental aspects through practice and theory s in the water realm. Functional anatomy. Basics of emotional aspects. Establishment of grounding elements. Above and underwater skills.

Liquid Soul

Advanced masterclass designed for the growth of the providers of aquatic healing and its emotional aspects. A collective process that delves into the abyss of emotional therapy.

the 5 Senses Odyssey

an aquatic healing journey through the 5 senses, the way that they influence the experience and the states of consciousness 


Advanced 32 hour masterclass for deepening the practice. Transcendence is the act of rising above something to the superior state, or going beyond usual limits.

Inner Flight

masterclass for lovers of the abyss,  the explorers that wish to dive deep into the layers into the most common feedback of water therapy “womblike experiences”

& Gatherings

Just as water is a natural store and carrier of information, when we gather in conferences to share knowledge, we are like drops becoming the ocean.

Upcoming Courses
& Events

Koh Phangan season 2023:               

16-22/Jan Liquid Roots 32nd edition All levels

6-14/Feb Transcendence –MasterClass

20-27/Feb Liquid Soul 15th Edition – Advanced Lab

29/Mar-4/Apri Liquid Roots 33rd Edition – All Levels

18-26/April – Inner Flight Advanced Lab

29/April-5/May 5 Senses Odyssey – access all levels

23-30/August- Liquid Roots 34th Edition – All Levels

Bangkok   2023:     

12-14/May The Fundamentals – All levels

26-30/June Liquid Roots – All levels

Koh Phangan 2024/2025:  the Special Annual program, all the courses along 13 months, please PM for more information, soon to appear on the website

What makes FlyDeeper unique?

FlyDeeper Unique Features

~ Well Studied Theory classes to generate understanding of the bigger picture for each participant, allows a progress of learning and practice
~ A slow rhythm of the session , Yin Quality into the deeper layers
~ incorporating the principles of the Taoism Philosophy into the practice.
~ based on nonverbal communication, creating a unique "dictionary"
~ Shallow water practice, above and underwater
~ Natural water sources, such as hot springs and warm seas
~ Training without a sequence , invites autonomy and integration.
~ practice in the dead sea
~ fusion of the multidisciplinary healing arts

Physiological Aspects​

Theory and practice for each topic :
~ Functional anatomy and fascia therapy
~ Focus on the use of the legs to amplify the therapy
~ Works with spiral-based movement for healthy economy of energy
~ Incorporates the entire sensory system in the therapy CNS
~ Develops sensitivity to the emotional reactions in the body
~Abdominal Massage and inner organs
~Cerebral spinal fluid sustainment and basics of CST

Emotional Aspects​

Theory and practice:
~ Attention to the emotional aspects of aquatic therapy
~ Focus on the needs and authentic expression of the receiver
~ Emphasis on the self-process of the givers
~ Mapping of the emotional reactions in the body
~ Attention to the issues of intimacy, sexuality and ethics
~ Highlights the opening and closing conversation as space and integration

Philosophy & Community

~ Fuses the qualities of a retreat with the professional training
~ Involvement by solidarity
~ Worldwide FlyDeeper community
~ Sharing, support & group forums
~ Water rituals from all over the world and its traditions.
~ Festivals and conferences.
~ Water journeys and special events.

What's included in FlyDeeper Courses

Official FlyDeeper Certificate of Participation

A Detailed Manual covering the Course Materials and extra articles

Access to Additional Learning Resources: Articles & Videos

Personal Support within a Global Community

Specialization in the Healing Waters of the Dead Sea


Ofer Rosenthal
Dedicated to water medicine and the wellbeing of humanity
"My goal is to facilitate a collective journey into a place that invokes healing.
I invite each participant to reveal their own capacity and empowerment through loving presence.
By the water, the maternal element, they awaken their authentic self as givers and by their hands, the receivers can connect with their own natural state of Being, where genuine healing can occur.
A wonderful conductor, water is the best element in nature for such a process.
I feel honored to collaborate with nature and with noble people who choose to dedicate their time and energy for the wellbeing of humanity"

About Ofer Rosenthal

Ofer Rosenthal has fully dedicated himself to the medicine of the water for the past 15 years. While acknowledging he is a student of water itself, his continuous teacher, Ofer teaches at his aquatic therapy school in Jaffa, in the Dead Sea, and around the world. His style of aquatic bodywork is called FlyDeeper.

The major influences that Ofer has integrated into his training include: Freediving, psychology, Buddhism, contact improvisation, Eastern medicine & healing practices, Shiatsu, Thai massage, sound healing, Tantra, Yoga, Pilates & core training, medicinal plants, Shamanic journey, and  (NVC).

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