Aquatic Therapy Fundamentals


Opening the gates into the depth of aquatic therapy

aquatic therapy course for professionals and beginners covering the fundamentals of providing above and underwater.

Liquid Roots brings unique flavors of the water world, open for both facilitators that wishes to set deeper roots into the world and water lovers that wishes to become the essence of the healing of this element.  

The Liquid Roots training includes:

  • Preliminary water therapy skills.
  • Personal experience in collective practice.
  • Theory lessons about the essence of the treatment, functional anatomy, basics of emotional aspects, how to hold space, and more.
  • Practice time in the water – giving and receiving sessions.
  • Above water and underwater practice.
  • the essence of relationship – Therapist /Client.
  • Water ceremonies influence by global cultures.
  • Personal spiritual practice and an invitation to become part of a community.
  • Manual and access to videos.
  • Certification of participation (not declaring as a therapist yet).
Use of fabric, side positions, 5 senses engagement, and more.

The Process

The Liquid Roots basic aquatic therapy course looks specifically into:

  • Neck support – an integral overview of the main gateway for change;  Nerve System, Muscular system, Emotions and Energetic body perspective.
  • Spiral movement – the art of effortless movement in water;  movement technique of our body to induce harmony and flow .
  • Undulating spine – learning from the wisdom of nature,  an imitation of Nature’s movements to relax the nervous system.
  • Inner Flight – the emotional view of underwater therapy and mastering the skills of facilitating the underwater basic therapy- “Less is More”
  • Support and stability – the main nervous system centers.
  • Main essence in Facilitator/ Receiver Relationship that can be applied on all of our relationships in the daily life:
  • Establishing trust and confidence 
  • Non-verbal communication skills.
  • The art of opening and closing a water session.

The whole aquatic healing process is an alchemy. Each meeting influences the next one, like a spiral or a pyramid or a Metatron. It is essential to partake in all of it to understand well and become part of the group healing that it offers.

Course Objectives

Liquid Roots Course is focused on the fundamentals of aquatic therapy.

  • Acknowledges the specific needs of an individual person in the moment;  it is not based on a sequence to follow. 
  • Mastering the fundamentals of floating practices and underwater. 
  • How to maintain our own body in a safe and healthy posture as the giver and observe the physical and emotional needs of the receiver.
  • Acknowledges the different roles of the therapist and the water.
  • Explores action and non-doing in the water, and the reasons behind the actions we offer, so eventually, we can apply the right thing for the right person through observation. 
Basic aquatic therapy course

Course Structure

This training includes theory classes followed by practices in the water with personal guidance. The retreat-style course also includes group meditation, song and prayer, as well as structured time for feedback, sharing and integration. The total time of each meeting is 4-5 hours.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the training. This course invites the participants to share their skills of the water medicine, however, it does not declare one as a therapist. Although a unique treasure in itself, this basic aquatic therapy course is complemented by other certified FlyDeeper training coursesIt is possible to continue further training to become a certified Flydeeper therapist.