Advanced Aquatic Therapy Masterclass with pre


"Transcendence" - is the act of rising to a superior state

 32-hour advanced aquatic therapy masterclass with a focus on refinement of the therapeutic aspects of the session. offers specifications in Fascial therapy, side position, underwater, inner organs, still points, and more tools to amplify your “medicine bag”.

In the art of aquatic healing, we meet ourselves through the deepest states of our being. The dormant cellular memories awaken … and with them some of our fears, our desires. The sensations that we long for are met and we are reminded of the Euphoric reality that we wish to meet. ‘Euforia’ in old Greek means ‘Reality.’ 

Water allows us to shapeshift those ‘realities’ that we recognize as an obstacle to our blissful selves. Nature is the supreme reminder of our inner abilities to ‘go beyond’- ‘transcendence’ – and being in Nature for a few days allows paradigms to shift.

Fusing aquatic healing with nature in its greatest manifestation and opening the heart together with the doors of perception,  together we flow as the water rises with the full moon.

We take all past experiences in aquatic healing and invite ourselves to FlyDeeper into the personal realm of our Anima, or soul. It is a personal invitation to expose ourselves to a small group of selected souls that come willing to undress the protective shields that do not serve them anymore. 

Nature is the supreme reminder of our inner abilities to go beyond. Being in Nature for a few days allows paradigms to shift.

Leader healing water sessions

The Process

The Transcendence advanced aquatic therapy masterclass looks specifically into:

  • Dance of the still points: through anchors, we allow liberty, as much as this sounds like a paradox. We discover how by creating still points, we allow an inner dance. Through anchors, we activate spirals and freedom.
  • Cross path of Yin and Yang: the body is designed by compensations – every overload has its ‘underload’.  The strategic art of fusion allows us to map an overload and its ‘missing links,’ and approach it from there.
  • Diving deeper into the Spiral: the fascia is the ‘liquid form’ of connectivity and communication of the muscles. In the water, without gravity, we can amplify the movement of the fascia: activate the shoulders through the fingers; the pelvis through the feet; and the feet through the head.
  • Large intestine detox: in the aquatic art, the concept of letting go and release is very well used. This is physically related with the large intestine. We learn to map it and touch the large intestine in a way to enhance release and relief.
  • Side position: most people sleep on their side, so the neuro-muscular pattern of the resting state is ‘awakened’ in the side position. We learn to treat with one floater, leaving one leg free, and discover its advantages.
  • Pendulum effect: going smoothly underwater and floating back up can be effortless. Using the laws of physics, we improve our technique and amplify our skills.

Course Objectives

Transcendence is focused on the technical aspect of aquatic therapy.

  • Shares a deep understanding of the action and the non-doing that we offer in the water versus following a standard sequence. 
  • Offers practical techniques to enhance the physical and emotional healing process of the receiver in the water.
  • Offers practical movement techniques by the giver to facilitate effortless yet effective results.
  • Invites observation into our own emotional world and sharing in a group setting, with the scope of gaining collective insights to echo in our water work, aquatic sessions, and relationships with clients and loved ones.   

Course Structure

This training includes theory classes followed by practices in the water with personal guidance. The retreat-style course also includes group meditation, song and prayer, as well as structured time for feedback, sharing and integration. The total time of each meeting is 4-5 hours.

You will receive a certificate at the end of the training. This course invites the participants to share their skills of the water medicine, however, it does not declare one as a therapist. Although a unique treasure in itself, this advanced aquatic therapy masterclass complements the other certified FlyDeeper training coursesIt is possible to continue further training to become a certified Flydeeper therapist.