The 5 Senses Odyssey

Aquatic Therapy Program through the senses- open for all levels

The 5 Senses Odyssey

Fly Deeper Crafted group experience through the 5 senses in water therapy and healing aspects

Magnitude of our 5 senses, a connection to nature and ultimately into a supreme state of consciousnesses as described in the works of DR J.Lilly Pioneer in the research of states of consciousness, floating, sensory deprivation, and communication with Dolphins.

Water has the unique excellence to emphasize and withdrawal our senses at the same time;
while floating, a bubble of optimal hypnotizing silence covers our ears and takes us away, while water is the best conductor for sound in nature it carries sounds of whales hundreds of KM away and allows us to sense sound vibration like nothing else.
Our skin isolates to frictions while we flow on soak in any form while we become more sensitive than usual, those are great symbols of the polar gifts of this unique element.
John C Lilly, a doctor that invented the “floatation tank”/sensory deprivation tank found a scientific way to achieve what he states “non disturbed consciousness “ – serene and peaceful
In this Retreat/Seminar, we will learn the well-crafted practice fundamental essence and deep aspects of the Fly Deeper Method.
not only as individuals but with a partner to improve our sense of trust and authentic expression.
Every day we will deprive one sense: closed eyes, fast, not touching, fasting, tapping our ears…
And on the same day, we will increase another sense with the exotic tropical senses of Thailand.

Nature is the supreme reminder of our inner abilities to go beyond. Being in Nature for a few days allows paradigms to shift.

The Process

 the retreat will be made of 7 days,
including practice in the water and out with theory.
the first day and the last day will be days of opening attunement and integration the central 5 days:
First Day –no Sound and seeing more- on this day we will have earplugs all day, it will be a silent day and we will learn to use our site for diagnostic and transmission.

Second Day- no taste while more smell- we will have a collective day of fasting and use special smells of Hydrosol, Aromatic oils, and such to activate the subconscious mind.

Third-Day- not touching while tasting more- we will focus on self-practice in the water and delicious food of the exotic tastes of Thailand.

Forth day – no Sight and Touching more- On this day we will have our eyes wide shut most of the day while practicing the hands-on therapy and its epiphanies.

Fifth Day– More Sounds without smell- aquatic concert, deep listening without smell.

Course Objectives

the 5 Senses Odyssey has clear objectives , it is integral part of the passage into embodyment of the water medicine as an holistic experience  

  • Acquiring accessible skills to upgrade our water therapy offering through the usage of the 5 senses.
  • Understanding from our personal experience how each of the senses influences deeply our perception of reality.
  • enriching our daily life with the skills of spicing each moment through the senses.
  • an overall unique discovery odyssey of the gateways through the states of consciousness as described by some of the biggest consciousness investigators of all time. 

Course Structure

Like most of the program of FlyDeeper Academy, This training includes theory classes followed by practices in the water with personal guidance. The retreat-style professional course, structured time for feedback, sharing and integration. 

The First day and the last days are designated for opening and closing this unique process , in the main 5 days we will take the time to evolve around unfolding the messages of the water and the senses, day by day. with internationalized guided practices 

You will receive a certificate at the end of the training. This course invites the participants to share their skills of water medicine, however, it does not declare one as a therapist. Although a unique treasure in itself, this advanced aquatic therapy masterclass complements the other certified FlyDeeper training coursesIt is possible to continue further training to become a certified Flydeeper therapist.

This is a Tribute to the Belated DR John Lilly that expended the consciousness potential for society, and to all of the assembly of teachers that I got the chance to learn from  and understand that the water therapy reaches into layers  wide and deeply beyond the technique