Aquatic Therapy & Training FAQ

Aquatic therapy honours the potential of the water medium to provide mental relaxation, emotional release, physical rehabilitation, and other therapeutic benefits. There are many different kinds of water therapies. Each evolved depending on the desired effect.

Aquatic physical therapy takes advantage of the different medium of water. Warm water promotes muscle relaxation and peripheral circulation. Reduced gravitational force reduces pressure on the joints and muscles. What’s more, the water provides both buoyancy and resistance, and movement is free, fluid and possible in all directions. The increased body awareness and mental stillness invoked by water provide the optimal environment for deep healing processes to occur.

Expect various movement patterns on the surface and under water, in different positions, and in varying degrees of dynamism. Combine this with moments of stillness and gentle water massage. An expert combination provokes transformation on both the physical and emotional levels.

Imagine your body feeling weightless as water envelopes you in a womb-like embrace. Your body gently dissolves into the fluidity of spiralling waves and your mind eventually gives in to inner silence. In this space, anything can happen within you. By simply ‘being’ in the water, you touch different aspects of your unique, individual experience of being alive.

FlyDeeper is all about attention to detail and the concept that ‘less is more’. It trusts in the inherent healing potential of water. The water therapist is fully present and aware of the particular needs of the receiver in the moment. The provider works with the water to offer an intuitive, personalized experience. 

~ Training without a sequence
~ Focusing on intuitive action with presence
~ A slow rhythm of practice based on nonverbal communication
~ Particular attention to the emotional aspects of aquatic therapy
~ Focus on the needs and authentic expression of the receiver
~ Emphasis on the self-process of the givers
~ Mapping of the emotional reactions in the body
~ Incorporates the entire sensory system in the therapy
~ Develops sensitivity to the emotional reactions in the body
~ Attention to the issues of intimacy, sexuality and ethics
~ Functional anatomy and fascia therapy – theory and practice
~ Focus on the use of the legs to amplify the therapy
~ Works with spiral-based movement for healthy economy of energy
~ Fuses the qualities of a retreat with the professional training
~ Involvement by solidarity
~ Worldwide FlyDeeper community
~ Sharing, support & group forums
~ Shallow water practice, above and underwater
~ Natural water sources, such as hot springs and warm seas
~ Water rituals including singing bowls, chanting, etc.

FlyDeeper aquatic therapy training is a collective understanding of the deep spectrum of water therapy. Shaped by ten years of experience in waters around the globe, it combines complementary and original materials to provide an integral method for a holistic practice. Breath, support, touch, flow and fluidity are just some of the fundamental factors in consideration. 

Each FlyDeeper aquatic therapy training is born for love of water and its healing potential. Do you recognize water as medicine and feel inspired to offer your very essence through sharing profound experiences with others? Then these courses are for you. No previous training in other healing arts is necessary. 

Water therapists can expand the knowledge of practical anatomy and deepen into the emotional aspects. Having already embraced aquatic therapy as a path, they can broaden their understanding of the multidimensional layers of the practice. They can also widen their options by providing in shallow water and natural bodies of water.

Yes, definitely. One of the main goals of the FlyDeeper training system is to support a unique, individual approach to treatment. It encourages each therapist to fuse existing skills into the water therapy.

The FlyDeeper academy requires 220 hours of learning made up of four different, original courses: Liquid Roots, Liquid Soul, Transcendence, and Inner Flight. An additional 100 hours of hands-on water practice completes the training program to become a fully-fledged FlyDeeper provider.

Each course can be attended for itself and a certificate of participation will be given; however, this will state that you are still not an official provider until you have completed the whole training.

Anyone can join the Liquid Roots aquatic training or the White Night in the Dead Sea. Only those with proven practice are eligible to join the advanced training courses. 

The course materials include a detailed digital manual and access to several articles and videos. Finally, you get a certificate of participation and become part of a community of water therapists worldwide.

This would be the optimal setting: to live, learn, eat together and sleep in the same area. In this case, all is included in the price of the offering. However, this is not always possible, then food and accommodation are not included. At these locations, we will suggest suitable accommodation and offer meal recommendations.

Use the contact form to send me a message. I may take some time to reply, as I am often on training retreats, however, I will answer as soon as possible.