Fly deeper



Join us on a voyage of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, where the therapeutic touch of water unveils the hidden treasures within.
Fly Deeper welcomes you to experience the indescribable and to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary.




Become certified and equipped within 13 months

Intimate group and supportive forum

320 hours professional dive into theory & practice

March 2024- April 2025

Practice in the magical
island Koh Phangan

Certified training within the FlyDeeper therapist program

First formal water therapists training in Thailand

Special - The Full Program of FlyDeeper Technique

Our Offerings



Empowering Healing Centers & Spas with Professional Ongoing Training



Enriching retreats with Aquatic healing in Koh Phangan



Unique journey through the senses - a 7 days seminar in Koh Phangan

Integrative Water Therapy

Experience Transformation in Every Drop

Dive into transformative Integrative Water Therapy with A Fly Deeper therapist. Tailored 90-minute sessions offer holistic experiences, ideal for physical, emotional, and nervous system well-being.

From pregnancy to infant development, find specialized support. Book your session now for a world of healing in pristine waters worldwide.


FlyDeeper Alma mater

Infusing mindfulness-based psychology and Dao practice

An expansive spectrum of healing Techniques and processes

Theory and practice are merged for the best advancement in learning

Incorporates knowledge of anatomy & physiology behavioral science, and water biology

Incorporates academic science with the wisdom of Eastern traditions

Co-creating with the receivers, sessions that are made of skillful conversation & floating


Fly Deeper Therapy Technique

Infusing mindfulness-based psychology and Dao practice

Theory and practice are merged for the best advancement in learning

An expansive spectrum of healing Techniques and processes

Incorporates knowledge of anatomy & physiology behavioral science, and water biology

co-creating with the receivers, sessions that are made of skillful conversation & floating

Incorporates academic science with the wisdom of Eastern traditions

Structure of the Program​

Intimate Group​

We will set off in one unique group, limited to ten participants.
While immersing ourselves in the vast, mesmerizing, and life-changing impact of water therapy on our own lives and the lives of those we are honored to be qualified to offer the water therapy to and pass it on

3 Frontal Semesters

Each semester will include two weeks intensive learning and practicing in the water, that will take place in "Magic Waters" Center in Koh Phangan

Between Semesters

Between the intense in person semesters and the regular online sessions, there will be personal practice, tasks, supervision and feedback to ensure the assimilation of knowledge and its expansion

Online Learning

Once in two weeks the group will meet online, for theory studies, assignments review and supervision.

Online sessions days & hours will be decided by the group members together

Full Syllabus

Who is it open to?

“Into the Depth” program welcomes all individuals who value the transformative healing properties of water, who genuinely are willing to trust the process and commit themselves.

By immersing themselves in the vast and mesmerizing realm of water therapy, participants will experience profound personal growth and gain the knowledge and qualifications necessary to extend the gift of water therapy to others.

Original Curriculum

1st Semester

Growing strong roots
from the beginning


2nd Semester

Experience Flying Deeper:
Embrace Water Therapy’s Advanced Techniques

3rd Semester

Diving into
Integration and completion


The fundamental value of theory boosts our learning curve, which reveals in our proper practice and service

The Neck structure, The Pelvis, The Digestive system, What is the Fascia, Vagal Nerve, Structure of the brain, the Endocrine System, Tensegrity, Pessoas, The systems of the 5 senses.

Theory of Attachment by J.bowlby, True and false self , Good Enough Mother by D.Winnicott , Hierarchy of needs by A.Maslow, Archytypes by C.G.Jung. Cognitive Development by Piaget, 

Additional skills

  • Communications Skills
  • Working with Pregnancy
  • Ethics for Bodywork

All infused with practices from Buddhism and Daoism 


Mastering any art requires repetition until the mind no longer needs to think about it, and this can happen harmoniously through practice, which is the process of healthy study

We will have an ongoing registered laboratory throughout the entire academic year, fitted with continuing assignments, practices, supervision, and group support, to ensure you will ultimately be ready to master the material and proceed on to your clinic.



13 Months ~320 hours

Starting 11/3/2024

The full program fee is 555$ X 10 instalments*

 Theory online sessions will be scheduled with the group members

Participants will receive a certificate of participation

Registration to the program requires an introductory meeting with the facilitator

*With deposit of 500 USD to register and personalized payment plan/installments. 
**Due the nature of this committed program, once the course starts, payments will be defined, there will no refunds for the money for any reason.


FlyDeeper is all about attention to detail and the concept that ‘less is more’. It trusts in the inherent healing potential of water. The water therapist is fully present and aware of the particular needs of the receiver in the moment. The provider works with the water to offer an intuitive, personalized experience. 

~ Training without a sequence
~ Focusing on intuitive action with presence
~ A slow rhythm of practice based on nonverbal communication
~ Particular attention to the emotional aspects of aquatic therapy
~ Focus on the needs and authentic expression of the receiver
~ Emphasis on the self-process of the givers
~ Mapping of the emotional reactions in the body
~ Incorporates the entire sensory system in the therapy
~ Develops sensitivity to the emotional reactions in the body
~ Attention to the issues of intimacy, sexuality and ethics
~ Functional anatomy and fascia therapy – theory and practice
~ Focus on the use of the legs to amplify the therapy
~ Works with spiral-based movement for healthy economy of energy
~ Fuses the qualities of a retreat with the professional training
~ Involvement by solidarity
~ Worldwide FlyDeeper community
~ Sharing, support & group forums
~ Shallow water practice, above and underwater
~ Natural water sources, such as hot springs and warm seas
~ Water rituals including singing bowls, chanting, etc.

The FlyDeeper aquatic therapy training is born for love of water and its healing potential. Do you recognize water as medicine and feel inspired to offer your very essence through sharing profound experiences with others? Are you ready to commit to a deep and long process of learning and personal growth? Then this training is for you. No previous training in other healing arts is necessary.

FlyDeeper aquatic therapy training is a collective understanding of the deep spectrum of water therapy. Shaped by ten years of experience in waters around the globe, it combines complementary and original materials to provide an integral method for a holistic practice. Breath, support, touch, flow and fluidity are just some of the fundamental factors in consideration.

By immersing themselves in the vast and mesmerizing realm of water therapy, participants will experience profound personal growth and gain the knowledge and qualifications necessary to extend the gift of water therapy to others.

Water therapists can expand the knowledge of practical anatomy and deepen into the emotional aspects. Having already embraced aquatic therapy as a path, they can broaden their understanding of the multidimensional layers of the practice. They can also widen their options by providing in shallow water and natural resources of water.

Yes, definitely. One of the main goals of the FlyDeeper training system is to support a unique, individual approach to treatment. It encourages each therapist to fuse existing skills into the water therapy.

The FlyDeeper full program “Into the Depth” consists of 320 hours of professional dive into theory and practice water therapy studies. The program consists of three frontal semesters, during which there will be mainly practice in the water, and online theory classes, assignments and practices between the semesters

This exceptional and comprehensive syllabus is exclusively available for those who genuinely are willing to trust the process and commit themselves to the path, themselves, to the group and the transformative journey ahead.

The true magic of this program will reveal itself from being in it from the beginning to the end. Therefore Registration for part of the program will not be possible. 

Fly Deeper students from the past programs are welcome to restart again (we will consider your previous courses).

It is only possible to join the program if you can commit to all of it.

At the same time, if online classes have to be missed (allowed up to 20%) the class will be recorded and the student will have to complete it and send a short summary of the class before attending the next session.

Fly Deeper course has an extraordinary list of themes that sets it apart from the other programs, not necessarily for the best or the worst, a parallel program, for example; 1. Shallow water practice, above and underwater 2. Tandem sessions, 3.Integration of the 5 senses into the program. 4. underwater without nose clips. 5 abdominal massages in the water. 6. Clear direction with the movement planes. 7. Treatment in the darkness. 8. Womb experience base protocol. 9.Side positions techniques 10.Sessions without feet movements and more…

The course materials include a detailed digital manual and access to several articles and videos. Finally, you get a certificate of participation and become part of a community of water therapists worldwide.

The price of the program does not include Flights Accomodations and meals, the price exclusively  includes the studies in person and online, including the original Book of FlyDeeper and the Certification

Yes. After completing all studies hours and assignments , the student will gain a certificate of completion of the practitioners training program from the Alma Mater of Fly Deeper.

Like any other private schools of water therapy world wide, it is not recognized by any country. For that recognition there is the need of certification by an official University or academy, that will be exclusive for that state.

The certificate will be recognized by SPAs and wellness centers.

Use the contact form to send me a message. I may take some time to reply, as I am often on training retreats, however, I will answer as soon as possible.